Buy more compute/build minutes and how to see minutes used

I’m using a personal project and going quite a bit of testing. Can I buy more compute or build minutes before I hit the 400 limit? It looks like you can on the pricing page, but I don’t see how to do it in the GitLab portal when signed in.

I also was checking the quotas and settings area - nowhere can I find how many compute minutes I’ve used out of my quota for the personal project. Anyone know how to find how many are used?

I wanted to track this metric and be prepared to buy some more so I don’t get blocked on something silly.

For personal projects (in personal namespace) you can see and manage it in your profile.
ref: Compute quota | GitLab

Ah ok I see it there. That threw me because there’s a project-specific quotas area as well, but that only covers storage. I didn’t expect to find a similar one under profile area, but thanks for clarifying.