Cache WILL NOT work, still downloads from internet/Artifactory

I am new to this so let me know if you need more information. I am trying to implement the use of a Cache across a pipeline just to store and retrieve artifactory dependencies. I am using maven and also GitLab Helm with Kubernetes. The problem is that despite the cache saying “successfuly extracted” and “successfully created” at the end of each job, the entire build still reaches out through the internet to download the dependencies which should be just stored in the cache!

I believe I am using one runner, as I already tried using distributed cache only to figure it out it wasn’t what I needed.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated, the current set up in values.yml for the cache is a global cache with these settings:

key: one-key-to-rule-them-all
- .m2/repository
policy: pull-push

What am I doing wrong???