Can GitLab Issue attachments be configured to be stored in AWS S3?

I tripped over this two year old commit to the GitLab source titled Enable S3 attachment storage .

I can’t find any reference to this in the GitLab documentation though as a supported feature…only AWS S3 option for the backup feature and Mattermost is documented.

Also…when I look in the GitLab.RB.Template I can see the settings for AWS S3 backup and Mattermost but not AWS S3 attachments.

I checked the current source code and the AWS S3 attachments configuration settings are still there on lines 194-198…just not documented or initialisable via GitLab.rb.template.

Any ideas from the group on whether AWS S3 storage of attachments is or is not a supported feature?

Thanks for your help…I am not a Rails man so when I looked at the commit it was not obvious to me that the committed code actually triggered an AWS S3 api call for storing and retrieving attachments.


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Does anyone have any insight on this issue?