Can I cancel the GitLab Ultimate free trial?

We’ve signed up for GitLab today, and (accidentally) accepted the 30 day free trial of GitLab Ultimate.

I’d like to cancel it for 2 reasons:

  1. It isn’t clear in the UI which features are only available in the non-free tiers, and I’d first like to see how we get on without those features; and
  2. I probably will want to take a trial in 6 months or so, but at that point I don’t want to be told we can’t do so because we’ve already had one.

Anybody know if it’s possible to cancel the trial?

Hi, not sure how you can cancel it, since it would normally expire and revert to free at the end of the trial. It would require intervention from Gitlab employees, which since we are mostly community members on here, we’re unable to do anything about it. Gitlab employees of course do frequent the forums, so you might be able to get help when they pop in or, open a support request here: Submit a request – GitLab, Inc. - maybe the user accounts/login issues would be the best option to choose.

As for features, you can easily see what is available for each plan here: Feature Comparison | GitLab