Can I deploy Gitlab Geo using the Docker images?

I’ve got a primary node up and running using the Gitlab Docker image. I’ve deployed a secondary node in the same manner following all of the instructions and gotten to the point of adding the secondary node in the Primary Node UI Admin area. Once I add the secondary node, I get a “Status 404” message when looking at the health of the Secondary Node.

Inspecting the secondary node, I believe that the PostgreSQL database has been replicated, but none of the repositories have been transferred to the secondary. Wireshark shows <Primary_IP>:5432 connecting to <Secondary_IP>: which I don’t have bound to the Docker container.

Is running a Gitlab Geo deployment possible using the Docker images or do I need to install on “bare-metal”?

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I asked support this question too, this is what they said: " Geo replication is enabled - in simplest terms - by running more than one instance of GitLab. How those instances are deployed does not fundamentally affect how geo runs or how it is configured. So, yes; you can set up geo by using a docker instance"

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Thanks for jumping in to provide insight, @codeasaurus! (by the way, great username :joy:)