Can I perform a series of actions on status change?

I would like to use GitLab to help track activities I need to do for a personal hobby. This hobby is not related to coding, but does generate a lot of artifacts that I’d like to keep track of.

I have a few scoped labels set up: status::idea, status::planning, status::producing, …

All of my random ideas end up in status::idea for later filtering. Basically, it’s a backlog of things I think I should do, but haven’t determined if I want to yet.

When I decide to focus on the an idea, it gets moved to status::planning. This is where I want to trigger a series of actions.

I want to create an epic based on the issue with a handful of sub-epics and predefined issues. Can I trigger an action some how? I’m guessing I can do a full epic template on status change (though, if there is a way that’d be amazing), but something that could kick off a script that hits the API to set up the structure I’m looking for would be good.

Summary question: How can I trigger an action when an issue gets status::planned applied?
Bonus question: Can I prevent that action from running if that same status on the issues is ever applied again? (I don’t want duplicates)

Hi @Tuber

I think the answer to this is yes, but you’ll need to write some code to make this happen. There are a variety of options, I’ve written an SO answer that lists some of them.