Can I use GitLab Duo Pro if I have a Gitlab Ultimate (self-hosted)?

My company has a self hosted Gitlab Ultimate instance, I want to try out GitLab Duo Pro. It’s not clear from the Pricing | GitLab if it’s even available for self-hosted gitlab at all.

And also does it have to be all users in that server get upgraded to Gitlab Duo Pro, or can be setup so that only a small set get access (for evaluation)?


See here: GitLab Duo | GitLab

It mentions what is available and what tiers. Self-managed does appear on the list, Generally Available from Feb 15 2024, so tomorrow.

Generally Available starting February 15, 2024:

  • SaaS, self-managed
  • Premium and Ultimate tiers as part of GitLab Duo Pro

It sounds interesting. Well, you obviously need to contact the support team. Still, I’d like to hear what they are gonna say.

Howdy, I’m one of the Product folks working on GitLab Duo Pro. Yes, Duo Pro is available to all GitLab distributions (SaaS. Self Managed. Dedicated) with Premium or Ultimate subscriptions. Currently it includes Chat and Code Suggestions on Self Managed, though we are actively working to bring the rest of our AI features to self managed instances. You can contact sales here: Accelerate development with GitLab Duo Pro | GitLab


Oh! Thanks for sharing it!