Can not activate kubernetes integration


since I am really impressed by the Auto-DevOps feature of Gitlab 11, I installed kubernetes over the weekend. Actually this is the first time I installed kubernetes, so please have some patience with me… :smiley:

I succeeded in setting up a small kubernetes cluster (one master and one worker node) using virtual machines on my centos 7 server that also runs Gitlab 11 (via omnibus installation).

However, the integration in Gitlab (“Admin area > Service templates > Kubernetes”) does not work. I am using the certificate and token from my kubernetes-dashboard, but as soon as I click on save, I get the folliowing error message:
"Api url is blocked: Requests to the local network are not allowed"

I found two reports regarding Gitlab EE that seem to be related to my problem. However, both of them seem to be caused by upgrading from Gitlab 10.x to 11 with kubernetes already activated in the old version:

Although I performed plenty of upgrades (I am using gitlab since verison 4.x :-)), I had never turned on kubernetes integration before.

Now actually the error message does make sense to me… I do run kuberntes on the same host and in the same network. But I do not see why this should be a problem? Is such an installation not supported? If so… why is that and what could one do to fix this problem? Which log files should I have a look at?

Thanks in advance,

Found the solution in thanks to @stanhu
Go to Admin Area-> Settings -> Outbound requests and check “Allow requests to the local network from hooks and services”.

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