Can repos being fork sources be renamed without breaking e.g. deduplication?

Hi everyone,

I’m maintaining some Java based app which’s deployment is simply a directory containing lots of binaries, JARs, a web server like Tomcat and stuff. The whole directory is put into a GIT repo using a default config and every customer getting that app deployed becomes a fork of that one template GIT repo. Creating a fork makes GitLab use de-duplication to save some storage space and the web-UI shows the name of the upstream repo as well:


For various reasons I would like to rename the upstream template repo using Change path. I only successfully renamed and transferred non-forked repos yet and the docs weren’t too clear for me if that is properly supported or not. It reads like it is, because the docs only mention repos moving to a different storage to be handled specially, which is NOT the case for me. I really only want to change the path/URL of the repo.

So, is it safe to rename without breaking the de-duplication? Would it even be safe to transfer the repo to some different namespace?