Can’t Change primary email of user

I’v have problem with email of users in gitlab.

First of all I integrate gitlab with open-ldap.
When user login for first time, they can’t change email on their profile page.
I am as admin going to profile of each user and set email (seems force gitlab to change user email) manually.

Everything was work till today, new users add to the user section and i’m going to change their email and save it.
Gitlab show “save successfully” but email doesn’t change and still has default value.

Any recommendation?

I have the same problem. My gitlab is integrate with open-ldap.
After that upgraded to 12.8.7 (bundle) version I can’t edit my email .
I’m forced to work with ldap mail.

I’m not found nothing configuration in admin area.

Unfortunately gitlab not flexible on this issue.
I try to add email attributes on Open Ldap for each user, and after that when I add new user fetch email from ldap server.

I found this comment:

GitLab assumes that LDAP users:

Are not able to change their LDAP mail, email, or userPrincipalName attribute. An LDAP user who is allowed to change their email on the LDAP server can potentially take over any account on your GitLab server.
Have unique email addresses, otherwise it is possible for LDAP users with the same email address to share the same GitLab account.
We recommend against using LDAP integration if your LDAP users are allowed to change their ‘mail’, ‘email’ or ‘userPrincipalName’ attribute on the LDAP server or share email addresses


Game over

I think this is releated: How to convert a LDAP user to a standard user

Might be fixed in 12.10.

I also have similar issue with one of our user created with the name “gitlabtechuser”. Initially it didnt had an email address and so it took userPrincipalName attribute from LDAP as email address but now we got the email address configured for this user on LDAP yet its taking the userPrincipalName attribute as email instead of the email address attribute. Can someone help me in fixing this issue as it is creating other issues in the system.

Can someone please help me fixing this issue.
Any help is appreciated.

Post your LDAP configuration, chances are you have it incorrectly configured. See this link for more info: Integrate LDAP with GitLab | GitLab

Without posting your LDAP configuration, how can anyone expect to help you?