Can the Personal projects page show projects in some sensible order?

Right now I observe that the Personal Projects page does NOT order the projects in (a) order by creation date, (b) order by name, © order by recent activity or (d) order by the number of stars. All of those would make sense, instead it seems the order is some random order decided by whoever wrote that database query.

Is there a way to set the person project page project ordering? In my opinion the default ordering should be “most stars first”. But the option to have “most recently modified first” would also be pretty useful.


As far as I can tell, there is no ordering done at all, so the order is whatever the database engine chose to use.

Here is the code that does it:

I suspect that a Merge Request would be accepted to add sorting here, but I don’t have time to do one myself.

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I might try an MR if I can figure out how. I learned some Go, may as well go learn some Ruby now.