Can you run multiple instances of gitlab on a linux vps

Hey, I have multiple projects that I would like to put through GitLab all on separate subdomains, is it possible to run multiple instances of GitLab on 1 Linux VPS or will I require a different server got each instance?

Using the standard omnibus packages for the operating system for installing gitlab-ce or gitlab-ee, then no you won’t be able to. You could in theory do it with docker, assuming that the host VM has enough CPU/RAM resources to deal with multiple Gitlab installations. Other than configuring each Gitlab docker container and all the ports to be different for each installation, there could be also high I/O due to sidekiq jobs, database, etc, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Best would be create a VM for each instance of Gitlab that you wish to run, following the hardware requirements of 4cpu, 8gb ram as a minimum for each instance.