Cannot access

I am trying to start the course " GitLab Certified Associate Bundle: Self-Study + Exams", which sends me to “” but this only returns a “502 Bad Gateway” error. Is there sth wrong with the demo system or is there a different link I can use?

we as community members can’t help you, for support you are far better to contact Gitlab Learn directly with all the problems.

i saw the same problem monday but it’s was resolved quikly in the morning.

Thanks for posting! Our demo cloud might have been experiencing high traffic when you tried to access it. Can you try again and let us know if you can access the demo environment now?


Hi, for my part, the interruption was only during few minutes :slight_smile:

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Hi, I wrote an E-Mail to the support team, after that the demo system was fixed and I could continue the course :).

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Glad to hear you were both able to back into the demo cloud. Thanks! :slight_smile: