Cannot apply a configmap to nginx-ingress owned by github-managed-apps

I’m running a group-level Kubernetes cluster via Gitlab, which is behind a Gitlab managed nginx ingress controller (and cert manager). I’m trying to apply a configmap to change the default redirect code from 308 to 301 (because OpenGraph doesn’t support 308 redirect).

I’m having trouble finding documentation on how to do this. I can apply a configmap, but that never gets applied.

Has anyone had any success in applying a configmap to nginx in the github-managed-apps namespace?


I had the same problem and it was frustrating not to find any answers. So I’ll add my “solution” here so others can find it, even if the question is from some time ago…

I did not find out how to do it by adding a config map to the ingress installed vie the ui.

I ended up using the new “cluster management project” (which is still in alpha).