Cannot create CI component in self managed instance

I’m running a self managed instance of GitLab. When I try to create a CI component by following the examples, I get an error:

$ echo "Creating release $CI_COMMIT_TAG"
Creating release 0.1.4

Executing "step_release" stage of the job script
$ release-cli create --description "Release 0.1.4 of components in quadion/tools/ci-components/kaniko-multi-dockerfile" --tag-name "0.1.4"
time="2024-06-14T15:00:36Z" level=info msg="Creating Release..." catalog-publish=false cli=release-cli command=create name= project-id=1995 ref=fe364835f97e6ccaeea98682890971359b3ce9de server-url="" tag-message= tag-name=0.1.4 version=0.18.0
time="2024-06-14T15:00:36Z" level=fatal msg="run app" cli=release-cli error="failed to create release: API Error Response status_code: 409 message: Release already exists" version=0.18.0

Couriosly version 0.18 is the version of release-cli, and somehow it’s ending up in my API call?

Here’s the complete gitlab-ci file I’m using:

stages: [build, release]

  stage: release
    - docker
  script: echo "Creating release $CI_COMMIT_TAG"
    - if: $CI_COMMIT_TAG
    tag_name: $CI_COMMIT_TAG
    description: "Release $CI_COMMIT_TAG of components in $CI_PROJECT_PATH"


I know, it looks a bit weird how it is in the logs, but it’s about your tag 0.1.4 that already exists very likely. Please check your existing Releases and Tags, I bet you already have a git tag named 0.1.4.