Cannot delete groups

I visited some URLs which are the group’s one that I want to delete. But all of those URLs responded 404 so I cannot delete any groups at all. I saw each group has some members, so I was going to ask administrator to delete group but I have no idea who is a member or administrator because of 404 response.
Any advice? Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english…

Hello @taka :wave:,

The 404 error typically means that the page you’re trying to access doesn’t exist. In your scenario, you’re most likely seeing 404 errors for one of the following reasons:

  1. The group has already been deleted.
  2. You’re not a member of the group, or your access level is too low.
  3. The URL you’re using is incorrect.

If you’re not a member of the group and the group is private, trying to access the group’s page (including the group members list) will return a 404 not found error. If this is the case, you must be added to the group by a group member before you can see the group members list and identify the group owners.

To delete a group, you must be an Owner of the group. If you’re not the group owner, you’ll need to contact a Group Owner or Instance Administrator to delete the group.


Hi @gitlab-greg

Thank you for your reply.
As you pointed out, I’m not a member of the group and the group is private. So I’ll find a person who has those role.

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