Cannot diff tex files in web IDE

I’ve just moved from gitlab-ee-13.1.4-ee.0.el7 old gitlab version to gitlab-ee-13.9.7-ee.0.el7 (less old) step by step (13.2, 13.3, …) with yum on an uptodate CentOS7 to have the reviewer capability.

All seams successfull but now I’m unable to see a diff on my tex files unsing the web IDE in a merge request, I can just click to download them.

The linux file command on the tex files says:
alexis.tex: LaTeX document, UTF-8 Unicode text, with very long lines

Diff in web IDE works for the bib file:
biblio.bib: UTF-8 Unicode text, with very long lines

I saw a discussion about such a problem but not the solution. An idea ?


Something not clear for me too, I read on Upgrading GitLab | GitLab that:

  • For 13.11.0, Git 2.31.x and later is required but CentOS7 only provides git.x86_64- (so I’ve stopped ugrade at gitlab-ee-13.9.7-ee.0.el7)
  • Since 13.6.0, Ruby 2.7.2 is required. Git version should be v2.29 or higher but Ruby rpm is not installed on my gitlab server and CentOS7 only provides ruby.x86_64-


  • is gitlab backward compatible for olders git clients ? I have many centOS7 laptops clients…
  • is the lacking Ruby package responsible for gitlab-ee-13.9.7-ee.0.el7 problem on the IDE with Tex files ?

Sorry ih these are basics questions.


I’ve tested this on but cannot reproduce it. Maybe you are running into a problem with diff views in older versions.

The Omnibus package installs the required and compatible versions in its own path prefix, you do not have to worry about older versions. The given version upgrade details are for source installations, and packagers who want to build their own packages. You can verify the versions of bundled software.

I would recommend upgrading your instance to the latest 14.1 branch, also for security reasons. This requires an upgrade to 13.12.x latest, then 14.0 and 14.1 following the upgrade path.

Regarding Git clients - server side supported features like specific lfs settings may not work with too old clients. If that’s the case, some 3rd party repos provide newer Git packages, or you’ll build it from source. I would go there only when you really miss something.


Hi Michael,
I’m back after 2 weeks out of the laboratory. I moved to 14.1.2-ee.0.el7 but the problem still occur in the web IDE for tex files (it works for the bib file):

However, in the “merge request” pannel, the “Compare with previous version” link is working, but of course in “read only”.

Best regards