Cannot Get Projects or Groups to Populate the Frequently Visited Lists

Setup: I am testing out GitLab CE v11.8.1 on a Debian 9 VM (VirtualBox - host networked only). The host OS is Windows 10. I mapped my configured external URL to the VM IP address in my Windows hosts file.

Issue: The Frequently Visited Projects and Frequently Visited Groups lists are always empty. The behavior is the same across Firefox/Chrome/Edge/IE. Everything else in GitLab appears to be working.

My Findings: It appears that neither the “lastAccessedOn” or “frequency” properties are updating for “frequent-projects” or “frequent-groups” in local storage. When first visiting a project/group, it is correctly added to the array with the correct “lastAccessedOn” timestamp and a “frequency” of 1. I can make them show up in the frequently visited list by changing the “frequency” property to be >=3, but otherwise “frequency” appears to be stuck at 1. I’m sure this has something to do with my setup/configuration, since I can’t seem to find any similar issues reported.