Cannot log in to

I cannot log in . When trying to reset my password, I never receive an email (waiting for a whole day). When logging using GitLab account, it says that the email is already taken, it gives advices that I should reset my password and “If none of the options work, try contacting a GitLab administrator.”

No idea, how to contact him, neither who he is. I know about but I am not sure if this can be used for anything else than logging to the GitLab itself. In fact, I am not sure whether the advice to contact the GitLab administrator is valid.

Can anybody help?

Hi, that is a Gitlab installation that belongs to videolan so you will need to contact them as they administer that installation. We cannot help you with that. Neither can Gitlab support as they aren’t the administrators for it either. The only connection is the name of the product being used, so gitlab. It’s pretty much the same as me running my own Gitlab installation, and users registered on mine having issues. They would have to contact me personally to get them fixed.

Try their contact page here: User support and help - VideoLAN or here: Contact - VideoLAN


Thanks, I will try there.

Quite a misleading advice in that login page then… Never mind.