Cannot log into Gitlab web app with Windows 10

I cannot log into Gitlab web app with Windows 10 using either Firefox or Microsoft Edge (haven’t tried another one). It went fine the first time, after sign up, but since then I always get the invalid login or password error. If I try it on iOS or Android, everything works just fine.
Please advise. Thanks a lot!


are you talking about
Where do you access GitLab, is that within an iframe or is there anything like AdBlock/ublock involved?

Please pass along a screenshot too, best with the developer console enabled.


Hi Michael,

thank you for your reply!

Yes, I mean Adblock or similar are not involved.
I’m not sure what you mean by within an iframe. I’m just on the regular website, it’s not integrated somewhere or something.

I took some screenshots, you can see the error message above the console. They were taken in Firefox. Not sure I chose the right tabs, if you need anything else, please let me know.

Thank you for your help!


since it loads some things out of the cache, you might want to clear it entirely for in your privacy settings. Maybe you are missing the reCaptcha question and as such cannot login.


PS: I have seen iframes for GitLab apps at hosting providers where the login did not work because of the iframe. Hence my guess.


thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately, deleting cookies and cache didn’t change anything, the error persists. Also, using Firefox’s private tab, didn’t change anything. Another browser didn’t solve the problem, either.

I am, however, probably missing the reCaptcha question, as I don’t see one. I’m assuming, I’m supposed to see one?

Thanks for your help!

the same issue persists by me here, gitlab signing in however not showing the interface of repositories, same outputs, all security, addons and plugins are disabled, credentials correct, what to do? Regards