Cannot login and need to disable 2FA

I have used my working email address to create a GitLab account to work on a specific project for several months. I have enabled 2FA for my account and use Microsoft Authenticator App to access my GitLab account every time.

Since two days ago, I cannot login to my account using the given 6 digit code from my account with pop-up saying ‘Invalid two-factor code’ .

I have tried a couple of times and it didn’t work. Afterwards, I have tried both using the saved recovery code and using the new generate recovery code via SSH.

Unfortunately, they are still not working with the same error ‘Invalid two-factor code’.

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Hi @syhwawa

Unfortunately I don’t think the forum can help you. For account problems, raising a support ticket is likely to be your best option.

Good luck!

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Hi @snim2, my organization has GitLab subscription but the support ticket I have submitted says it is not currently associated with an organization within the support portal.

Do you know any relevant person who can help me with my ticket (#261450)? Many thanks.

@gitlab-team ?