Cannot login vlc-android gitlab

So i want to create issue vlc-android in gitlab : Issues · VideoLAN / VLC-Android · GitLab , of course we need sign in but I don’t understand, “Your account is pending approval from your gitlab administrator and henced blocked~” when i login with email and password, Also “Signing in using your account without a pre-existing gitlab account is not allowed~” when click sign in with first. Why?

First of all, the Gitlab instance belongs to Videolan, they are self-hosting.

Second. When you registered with email, they have configured their Gitlab instance to require accounts to be authorised by an admin first. This is why you cannot login until one of the Videolan Gitlab Admin’s authorises your account.

Thirdly, they have oauth enabled, which means you can also register/login using an account from or This is in case you do not wish to register via email. And if you don’t have an account on or then to use oauth features from videolan means you would need to have either one of those accounts to be able to register using the oauth method.

Nobody here is responsible for, nor can they help you with that Gitlab instance, because it belongs to the Videolan team - you would have to contact them if you cannot register.


I have an account on, i tried to register and/or login via it but also got message “Signing in using your account without a pre-existing GitLab account is not allowed. Create a GitLab account first, and then connect it to your account.” Weird, even though logically it shouldn’t be like that.

You’ll need to ask the Videolan team. Obviously they have their Gitlab configured in a way that requires accounts to be verified and enabled by their team first, and also seems like you need to register a normal account before connecting it to your one. Doesn’t make sense to do it this way, either you use email or oauth, not a combination of the two merged together.


Ok thanks, appreciate your answer