Cannot register for free trial

I have read Cannot register for free trial: 500 error and have signed in to but it doesn’t help. Loading the form takes like 30 seconds and submitting the form also took over 30 seconds. I never received an e-mail (checked my spam folder as well). I would really love to get started using the trial so I can try the ElasticSearch/Advanced Global Search feature before I decide to buy.

I still haven’t gotten any email. I tried filling in the form again today and it tells me I’ll get an email but still… nothing. And still nothing in my spam folder.

Ofcourse. And JUST after I submit this post I get my confirmation mail.

Ok, then this topic can be closed.

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@RobIII Thanks for following up to let us know you got the trial to work - we’re sorry that you had trouble getting started! You can feel free to ping me @slee24 in the future if you need some eyes on your post a bit faster.

And, let us know how the trial is going for you!