Cannot register Gitlab runner on Windows through proxy

Hello, I’m trying to setup a remote runner on a windows machine which is located behind a proxy server. I’ve been looking at this documentation page but there is not section for windows, only linux does this mean its not possible to run a Windows runner behind a proxy?

I have set the proxy settings on the windows network settings page and I’m am able to successfully visit our managed gitlab site through a web browser. I can also curl to it by using the -x flag with the proxy URL and port. However, the gitlab runner cannot find the site and fails on dialing tcp, no such host. I have set the HTTP_PROXY under environment in the config and tried passing it in through the --env flag but neither work.

The command I tried to register with looked like:
gitlab-runner.exe --debug register -c config.toml --url my_site_url -r registration_token -n --env HTTP_PROXY=http://my_proxy_url:proxy_port

I have also tried following the suggestions here which have not worked:

Currently working with gitlab-runner version 14.0.1 with windows 10, any help in resolving this would be appreciated :slight_smile: