Cannot retry a build with a merge request comment

I have a Gitlab EE server with a project that uses a Merge Request Webhook to trigger a CI build in Jenkins (not using Gitlab CI currently). The Jenkins job runs whenever an MR is created, or when there is a push to the MR’s source branch. That much works.

The Jenkins job is triggered via the Gitlab plugin. One option therein is to trigger the build upon a comment containing a phrase which I choose, e.g. “Jenkins retry”:

yet putting “Jenkins retry” in a comment in the MR after e.g. a failed build triggered by that MR does not trigger another build with the same paramaters:

Neither Jenkins nor Gitlab offers any feedback on what’s going on, e.g. no error messages. Is there something I should do differently? How do I even know if the Webhook is being sent?

I found the answer: My Webhook needs to trigger on “Comment” events as well as “Merge Request” ones. IMO, the UI wasn’t clear what comments were relevant, nor that a Merge Request update would not include comments.


Thank you. :slight_smile: