Cannot sign in

I cannot sign into my account and I’m wondering if GitLab is having issues with 2-fac authentication. Summary of my sign-in issue:

  • When trying to sign in I get “Invalid Login or password” on my first try, then redirected to a 404 page on my second try.
  • I have not changed my password, and I am very confident it is correct.
  • I have 2-factor authentication enabled.
  • The password resent form does not work (no email received).

Either there is something going wrong in GitLab, or someone has bypassed the 2-fac authentication and gained access to my account, then changed the email address and password.

It seems the password reset form does not work for a new dummy account that I just created either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Joe ! Sorry to hear you are being affected by this.

Please let me know if @clevelandbledsoe’s solution here is able to help you out!