Cannot sign up for GitLab’s twice-monthly newsletter

Hello everyone,

I am not sure if this is the best group for this type of questions but I am trying to sign up for GitLab’s twice-monthly newsletter here: Releases | GitLab (on the left hand side) but it doesn’t work. Once I type in my (for sure correct !) e-mail and click the “Subscribe” button it changes to “Please Wait” and nothing else happens - I don’t get any e-mail with any confirmation.

Interesting. I think this worked for me, although I didn’t get a confirmation email.

Have you tried subscribing in an incognito window, just in case you have some problem with an extension, cookies, an ad-blocker, or similar?

I have done the same in another browser and got the “Thanks for subscribing!” but also didn’t receive any confirmation email.
If not your message above I would assume it is still not working - anyone from GitLab can redesign that to send a confirmation email ? :slight_smile:

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