"Cannot transition status via :run from :running (Reason(s): Status cannot transition via \"run\")"

I’m getting this error when trying to post “running” status to a job. Posting a “success” status later on works fine. Any ideas what might be the cause and how to resolve it?

Hi @yuliabaron & welcome to the GitLab forum :wave:

Judging from a few internal tickets I found about that same error, a Jenkins system is involved, correct? I found advice to try and configure freestyle jobs. Does that help you move forward?

Thanks, Katrin,
I’m not sure, as I’m the one updating the status to the third party repo, which I have no control over. I’ll check with them. Anyway, the job I cannot update the status for is not a Jenkins job. I would like to understand the reason for this error on the first place. Looking through the forum, I also found similar errors, but not exactly this one.