Can't access my personnal Gitlab server from another machine

I installed Gitlab CE on my linux virtual machine to use it as an internal server(Self-managed). After configuration, I can access the gitlab interface from mozilla on my machine. however, I cannot access it from another machine belonging to the same network.

While trying to execute the command: curl -v <Server_Address> from my second machine, I received the message:
Rebuilt URL to:

  • Trying…
  • connect to port 80 failed: No path to reach target host
  • Failed to connect to port 80: No path to reach target host
  • Closing connection 0
    curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 80: No path to reach target host

How can i fix it ?

You need to be more specific about a lot of things:

  • how network is configured on both physical machines
  • how network is configured in the virtual machine
  • which virtualization solution you use
  • how kind of network that offers to the guest
  • what command gives that output
  • what is external_url set to in gitlab.rb
  • probably several things I haven’t thought of

→ Both machines are virtual machines on VMWare, the ping between the two machines is done correctly. (The 2 machines are on the same network)
→ The external_URL is set with the IP address of the server (“”)
→ I used the ‘ufw’ command to authorize http, however telnet does not work and displays the error: no route to host