Can't add shared builders to project

Hello, I’m a new user here on Gitlab and I’m using the free community Gitlab as a service I’m not hosting my own gitlab instance and I want to try out the pages feature so I created a html/css/js only project which I want to serve through pages.

I followed the tutorial here and used the sample .gitlab-ci.yml, which when I pushed it tried to start a build.

So far so good, but the build stays in pending status indefinitely, in settings runners I can see a lot of shared runners and I can see some of them are free, I don’t understand what more I need to do for them to build my project.

Just to be clear I want to use the shared builders this project is just to see what the pages are like I have nothing to guard so I don’t want to run a dedicated runner.

Thank you for any reading this and you can help tell me what I missed I’d be most grateful.

Hi @ProdigySorcerer ,

are you using this .gitlab-ci.yml ?

  - mkdir .public
  - cp -r * .public
  - mv .public public
    - public
  - master

If this is the case, what does it say under ? Can you provide a link to the project ?

Hello @felipe , here is the project and yes that is the yml.