Can't assign from boards (An error occurred while updating assignees.)

After updating gitlab (self-managed) to version 13.11.4, we can’t assign issues directly from the board anymore. When we try to do it, we see the following message: An error occurred while updating assignees.
If I enter the issue and assign from its page, everything works as expected.

I made a video showing the issue:

Here is the request/response data:

[{“operationName”:“issueSetAssignees”,“variables”:{“iid”:“2359”,“fullPath”:“gitlab/Repositorio/Sistemas/neosispro/neosispro-web”,“assigneeUsernames”:“thiago.almeida”},“query”:“mutation issueSetAssignees($iid: String!, $assigneeUsernames: [String!]!, $fullPath: ID!) {\n issuableSetAssignees: issueSetAssignees(\n input: {iid: $iid, assigneeUsernames: $assigneeUsernames, projectPath: $fullPath}\n ) {\n issuable: issue {\n id\n assignees {\n nodes {\n …User\n …UserAvailability\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n participants {\n nodes {\n …User\n …UserAvailability\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n}\n\nfragment User on User {\n id\n avatarUrl\n name\n username\n webUrl\n __typename\n}\n\nfragment UserAvailability on User {\n status {\n availability\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n}\n”}]

[{“data”:{“issuableSetAssignees”:null},“errors”:[{“message”:“The resource that you are attempting to access does not exist or you don’t have permission to perform this action”,“locations”:[{“line”:2,“column”:3}],“path”:[“issuableSetAssignees”]}]}]

Thanks for anyone who can help us!

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I have the same problem although I’m running version 13.12.2-ee. Any updates?

We updated gitlab to version 13.12.4 and problem still persists.