Can't copy artifacts into container


Any chance you could help me,

I’ve configured a Shell executor CI pipeline stage to build an angular app, the output files are stored in an artifact, this part works flawlessly

The next stage then encounters a problem, the artifacts are in the “backend/dist/” directory, and I have verified they are indeed there using “ls -la backend/dist”

The backend docker-compose service is built from it’s Dockerfile (located in “backend/”), which looks like this:

FROM node:8.12-alpine

COPY src/ /app
COPY dist/ /dist

RUN npm install
ENTRYPOINT npm start

docker-compose is installed and ran using “docker-compose up -d --build”, the src/ folder is successfully copied into the backend service container and runs fine, however the dist/ folder is copied but is empty within the container,

Is I mentioned, the /backend/dist is not empty, but docker doesn’t copy it’s contents, only the folder itself? I can’t explain this behavior at all, especially since backend/src copies just fine

Thanks in advance

EDIT: If I copy the artifacts using “COPY dist/ /app/dist” they do appear in the container! So my problem’s solved, but I’m still unsure why using the root folder ‘/dist’ didn’t work