Can't delete trial GitLab account

I created trial account just to try GitLab.
Now I want to delete it but that is not possible.

  1. I follow these instructions: Deleting a User account | GitLab. But operation is not active. It says: “Your account is currently an owner in these groups: groupname.You must transfer ownership or delete these groups before you can delete your account.”

  2. I go to group and follow these instructions: Groups | GitLab. But operation is not active. It says: " This group can’t be removed because it is linked to a subscription. To remove this group, link the subscription with a different group."

  3. Well, I follow these instructions: But when I click on “Change linked account” it redirects me back to login page again.

  4. I don’t have any other account/group to link the subscription with. The subscription was a trial, I didn’t even know that I created two accounts - one on and the other on I don’t need any of them and I want to delete both.

So, I am stuck in infinite loop. Please, help me to delete my trial account.

As community members we cannot help you with account issues. Therefore, either wait until the trial expires and then delete your account. Or, open a ticket here directly linked to account issues and wait for the Gitlab Team to respond to your request: Submit a request – GitLab, Inc.