Can't get pages to work

I have a local server with gitlab-ee libra installed. Everything is working fine except when I try and use gitlab pages. I followed the instructions in the documentation. I have a * entry in my dns server where is location of the gitlab server. I edited the gitlab.rb file to set the pages url. I then created a barebones project. The project has an index.htm file that just says hello. When I commit, the build and the deploy both pass. But I can’t find the page.
I have no “pages” button under the settings menu. I have tried but nothing found.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Can anyone give me some help?

After some more testing I figured out the problem. The project that I was trying to create pages from was not at the root level of the group. If the project is in a sub-group, pages is not available.
At least that is what I see.
Once I created a project in a group and not in a sub-group, pages is available and I get the “Congratulations” message with a link to the page.