Can't import from GitHub - Run CI/CD for external repository

:hugs: Hi all, I am trying to run ci/cd for my repo on GitHub. However, I ran into the issue where I could not import any github repo. I was able to view all the repo that I can access 2 weeks ago but now it is not even showing. I am working on a repo created by someone else on github. How do I import them? I clicked on new project → Run CI/CD for external repository → Repository by URL. After clicking, I remembered it will show a list of repo to import. How do I go to that page? Thanks!

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Thanks for taking the time to be thorough in your request, it really helps! :blush:


Please research similar topics before you post a new one - according to topic from 1 day ago: Github Import Button Missing - #7 by xdh - seems like there is an ongoing issue with integration between GitLab and GitHub.