Can't login, can't reset password, not receiving confirmation email

I have a “new” staff member (it’s been 11 months) who can’t login to Gitlab. He’s never been able to login. He never received the confirmation email. He’s tried to resend it, but it never arrives (yes, he’s checked his spam folder. Our other team members have all received theirs without issue). He’s tried to reset his password, but that doesn’t arrive. He’s tried to sign up for an account again in case something went wrong with the process but then he gets the error, “Email has already been taken”.

We created a new account that forwards email to his real account and that had issues as well. He was able to log in using that account, but he would have to re-request a confirmation email every few days. He would receive that email no problem, but that work around no longer works.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.