Can't LogIn to freshly installed GCP kubernetes GitLab

Hi here!

I’ve just installed GitLab into GCP kubernetes cluster, but I can’t Log into it.
For installation I used GCP WEB UI.
I’m already had kubernetes cluster in GCP and I just opened
Google Cloud Platform Web UI -> Kubernetes Engine -> Applications.
Press “Deploy From Market” and choose GitLab.
Next, select zone/domain/appname and after 5 min I have fresh GitLab.

And now I do, as described in post-deploy notation:

"Signing in
Browse to https://gitlab..
GitLab is provisioned with a randomly generated administrator password. To retrieve it:

kubectl get secret -n $NAMESPACE $APP_INSTANCE_NAME-gitlab-initial-root-password -ojsonpath={.data.password} | base64 --decode
Ok, I got long string (I guess, this is a password) that look like this: zDjdjkhffirW7gjo7cHECF1iuigAkDfJeo4fZzuuU4kS5GxUkvJKHjk34hfmj4D

Next, I open my GitLab page and try to Log In, but I don’t know the email/name of administrator.
I try any root/admin/… with those password, but always got “422 The change you requested was rejected.”

What I do wrong?

Were you able to figure this one out? I am seeing the same problem.