Can't login to GitLab

Hi, few days ago I changed login security to 2-step auth, with google autenticator.

now I can’t login, I reset password two times, and when I enter user & password, I get a http error 404, on this page:

Any idea ?
Best Regards

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I won’t be of any help but I have an identical issue. My private account works just fine but my corporate account started misbehaving for 10 hours now.


  1. Login from main page returns 404.
  2. Login from direct link to non-main page (i.e. an issue) gives “Incorrect Login or password”.
  3. Trying again from point 2. gives 404 with incorrect rights and suggests to contact administrator.
  4. Obviously login via IDE fails as well.
  5. Changing password doesn’t help - still first login attempt results in “Incorrect Login or password”.
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Great! I got the same behavior!

Hi @Nicolas400 and @derrkater! I wanted to make sure you saw this post - it has a solution that looks like it may help you out with this issue.

Let me know if it gets you closer toward resolution! :blush:


Thanks! @Linds


Awesome! Thank you for solution - it did indeed work :slight_smile:


So happy to hear it! :tada:

I really appreciate the sunny positivity in this thread, even though something was broken!

Thanks to everyone here for your patience and understanding!

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