Can't login with 2fa

I try to login to, my login/password is correct, but gitlab does not apply my 2fa code. I will try to enter recovery code, but same error - Invalid two-factor code.
What i can do?

Yeah, there’s a hole there somewhere. I lost MFA because I got a new phone. I got new recovery codes. Generally the login screen takes user/pass and goes nowhere. (I presume the MFA contact and that’s not an expected possible outcome?) Once, just today, after changing my password I got prompted for MFA/recovery-code. Put in brand new recovery code and got a quick flash of text then back to the dead login screen.
I can still pull etc but cannot get to the GUI.
This is quite broken.

Issue is solved. Maybe it was a temporary bug

That would be cool. What makes you say it’s fixed?

Well, this time the recovery code worked. So am all set. Flakey but I guess I don’t care.