Can't manually finish ProjectNamespaces::BackfillProjectNamespaces : zsh: no matches found

Gitlab 14.10.2 Omnibus
Ubuntu 20.04

After an Upgrade to 14.10.2 the BackfillProjectNamespaces Migration is stuck and I can’t finish it manually.

When executing the suggested command

sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:background_migrations:finalize[ProjectNamespaces::BackfillProjectNamespaces,projects,id,'[null\,"up"]']

I get

`zsh: no matches found: gitlab:background_migrations:finalize[ProjectNamespaces::BackfillProjectNamespaces,projects,id,[null\,"up"]]

When altering it to

sudo gitlab-rake 'gitlab:background_migrations:finalize[CProjectNamespaces::BackfillProjectNamespaces,projects,id,[null,["up"]]]'

I get “at least” a JSON parse error:

rake aborted!
JSON::ParserError: unexpected character ([1]) at line 1, column 5 [parse.c:633]

Has anyone an Idea on how to solve that issue?

If you’re using zsh try using bash instead.