Can't mirroring from gitlab to github

Hello everyone.
I followed the Gitlab documentation below to set up mirroring from gitlab to github.

Repository mirroring | GitLab github-core

However, in the Mirroring repositories section of the Repository Settings page, I get a Received RST_STREAM with error code 2 with GitHub error.

So I followed the Gitlab documentation below and switched the email address on Github to public, but I still get the same error.
(The repository on Github is a private repository)

If you receive an “13:Received RST_STREAM with error code 2” while mirroring to a GitHub repository, your GitHub settings might be set to block pushes that expose your email address used in commits. Either set your email address on GitHub to be public, or disable the [Block command line pushes that expose my email setting.
Repository mirroring | GitLab with-github

Does anyone have any thoughts on this issue?

Thank you.

This is just a thought, given GitHub’s policies behind rejecting pushes: Does the commit stream carry other author names and emails beside your own? They may be tied to GitHub accounts with private addresses too, which can cause the same rejection to occur.

It isn’t trivial to do this, but processes such as the one described at can allow you to rewrite the repository history to fix this, perhaps.