Can't push LFS files to repo via GUI

Moving from Github to Gitlab. Cloned the repo, set up my keys, etc. I am using GitKraken (was using sourcetree before, but switched).

Issue: Push attempts to Gitlab fail with “ Permission denied (publickey)” on one repo.

I created a new repo in GitKraken, set it to private and am able to push multiple commits via ssh without issue via GitKraken to Gitlab. this tells me there is no actual issue with keys or anything like that and that this error is a bit misleading.

When I push to the repo I cloned from github, it throws up this error which is telling me there must be some kind of config issue or something, but I’m a bit of a novice at this and have no idea where to check to reset this kind of thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’ve been banging around google for over an hour trying to solve this and not gotten very far.

I’ve done more troubleshooting:

GitKraken can push LFS files via bash, but it cannot push LFS files via GUI. Has anyone ever experienced this before? The GUI can push regular files, just not commits that contain LFS files. LFS is enabled on my repo.