Can't push to registry - Keeps "retrying in n seconds"

Hi, I’m having some problems pushing to the registry associated to a group project: some of the layers are being pushed without any problem, then the lower ones stop at the very end and keeps retrying until the 5 minute timeout is reached and I get a timeout error.
I tried to build and push the same project on 3 different systems and a total of 6 OSs.
I also tried to change DNS and network. I used an access token with all the privileges, since I’m using 2FA, and the login is correct.
I even tried to build a test project containing a simple NodeJS script that just prints stuff on the console: the image gets build and I can push and pull it on other registries, like Dockerhub, without any issue, still the one on Gitlab keeps having the same issue.

Is anybody having the same issue? I found a similar one on the issue tracker, but it doesn’t have any response nor suggestions. Should I open a new issue on the tracker?