Can't push to Gitlab registry | Quarkus - Jib build

Hello everybody,

I’m currently developing Quarkus applications and need therefore a CI Pipeline + Container Registry.

As containerization through docker isn’t working (docker daemon - priviliged mode) I want to use Jib, which is already supported by Quarkus. (working pretty much like normal jib)

Command in Pipeline:
- mvn clean package -Dquarkus.container-image.push=true -Dquarkus.container-image.registry="https://$registry" -Dquarkus.container-image.username=$username -Dquarkus.container-image.password=$deployToken

username = deploy token username
password = deploy token

The deploy token has all permissions there are, so that should not be the problem.

I also tried

But I got everytime the same respone:
Failed to execute goal io.quarkus:quarkus-maven-plugin:1.7.2.Final:build (default) on project metrics-exposer: Failed to build quarkus application: io.quarkus.builder.BuildException: Build failure: Build failed due to errors [ERROR] [error]: Build step io.quarkus.container.image.jib.deployment.JibProcessor#buildFromJar threw an exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The supplied container-image registry '' is invalid

I really hope that somebody has an idea, what is going wrong here.

In another project I also used Jib to containerize a spring boot application and push it to the Google Container Registry, which is working when I use the Google SDK in advance.

- gcloud auth activate-service-account (account-name) --key-file=$gsdk_token - gcloud auth configure-docker

Is there maybe a similar approach possible for the Gitlab Registry?