Can't save login credentials using Github (OAuth)

When I use my Github account to perform a login, the token expires from time to time forcing me to perform an other login. It always takes me time because I have 2fa enabled. Is there any way to save the credentials like an email login?

Not that I know of, no. How often is the token expiring? I don’t log in with GitHub OAuth so I’m not sure if that’s different, but mine usually lasts at least a month.

Maybe this is a bug (or something we should reconsider?). It could also just be a limitation in GitHub’s OAuth system.

If I close the browser and then open it again, it will ask for log in once more, every time. It happens with GitHub and BitBucket. I’m using Chrome 56.0.2924.87, on an Ubuntu 16.04 build (64Bits). I still think it should be something related to 2fa but I don’t feel inclined to test it so soon. :joy:

Thanks for the feedback.