CE - External URL not displaying GItlab

Gitlab newbie.
Installed CE version.
After sucessful install, on browser we used the external_url but it displayed Not Found message.
We tried curl -
we got message “The Host is not resolvable.”

We are sure the url is correct we set in.
How can we troubleshoot this ?

Thank you

Hi, Did you updated the information for external URL in gitlab.rb file?

Hi Varun
We did.
But we only see setup page (password change) when we use
Other explicit hostname isnt recognised
external_url ‘http://aaa.bbb.com
meaning if
http://aaa.bbb.com is used, we got “Page Not Found”
Has this to do with firewalld?
What settings we must do if firewalld is the reason ?


HI did you fix this issue? I am currently going through the same issue here !