Centos 7: Having gitlab and httpd web server on the same machine

Has anyone successfully had gitlab and httpd installed and running the same time?

I recently installed lab thinking it would be nice to have both on the same machine and I couldn’t get to gitlab until I shutdown httpd. Because I go and make a VM for my webserver, I would like to know if anyone has gotten both to work on the same machine.

Sorry , Comment is done by mistake.

GitLab uses an embedded version of the nginx webserver. If GitLab is installed on a server currently running httpd (apache), this will cause issues accessing the web interface as both httpd and nginx are listening on the same port.
To avoid this, its best to GitLab on a server without Apache/httpd or other web servers installed.

Thanks for letting me know this.

The server and gitlab can be ran from a VM.

However this is an old laptop, would you recommend running gitlab off the old laptop versus a WebServer?

And does Gitlab interfere with other software like Docker? Jenkins?

As long as your system meets all the requirements here, you should have a smooth experience in any situation.

Running GitLab on a laptop is great for testing and playing around but comes with the limitation that it is only available on your LAN. If you’re running GitLab in production or using it to collaborate with others, I suggest running it on a dedicated VM with a public-facing IP address (not on your LAN or behind NAT).

GitLab will not interfere with Jenkins or Docker. GitLab can be run inside a docker container and gitlab-runner often uses docker for CI/CD. We also have integrations available for Jenkins at the Starter/Bronze tier.