CentOS This version of OpenSSL does not support FIPS mode

Hi, on the install page it clearly says “Omnibus package installation (recommended)” and you can click on Centos7 which to me tells you that this program maybe supports the OS displayed on your own website.

I was dealing with this issue months ago and somehow solved it but can’t recall how. It’s a fresh install. Literally bare apart from this single program.

Long story short, what is the solution. I do not care what the problem is, I paid for enterprise edition so I simply don’t care what makes the problem. I’d simply like to know the commands or files to edit to resolve this issue. I am done wasting my life trying stuff.

PS to whoever actually codes this or owns this program, there are other people complaining about this. You might wanna think about putting something on the centos install page. I’ve run into this issue with every install of your program on this OS. Either that or drop your support.

Any help in commands or solutions would be great. I know you can do something, I just don’t remember what…

I find it very interesting that this OLD question is being pretty much ignored? Why is there not an answer to this? Why is the version of OpenSSL not updated to support FIPs? Why are your users being completely ignored… I think I saw where this issue has been known for like 3 years???