Certificate based GKE cluster GitLab integration - will an existing integration continue to work on GitLab SaaS after GitLab version 15 is released in May 2022?

We have our GitLab CI runners deployed to a GKE cluster in GCP. The cluster was created using the certificate based integration via the Terraform starter repository

The runners currently work well across multiple GitLab repos.

Will these runners continue to work after May 2022 when version 15 of GitLab SaaS will be released?

Any info much appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Hi @guyking

according to list of deprecated features it will stay until 15.6, but you would need to enable it by FF for self-hosted. Ref: Deprecations by milestone | GitLab I suggest to read this and also the related epic linked there.

Thanks @balonik . We are using GitLab SaaS as supposed to self-hosted so looks like enabling by FF is not an option

I have posted in the epic Deprecation of the certificate-based integration with Kubernetes (&8) · Epics · Configure · GitLab