Change main email of a gitlab user

I retired and would like to change the email of a current user.
I have tired multiple time with no positive results.

We want to change the email to this user tritechsc · GitLab
Please help.

Unfortunately we are just mostly community members here, so cannot do that for you. You would probably be better off opening a support ticket here:

If you can still login as that user, ask them to change/update it themselves, or perhaps if there is a access token, then it could be done via API as well. If not, then support ticket with Gitlab is only your chance to do it.

thank you!

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I am the new user to whose email address my predecessor wanted to associate the primary email for the account. This has been accomplished:

  1. Go into the user account settings.
  2. Go into preferences.
  3. Add an alternate email account.
  4. Click the wrench and make the new email address primary.
  5. Change the name associated with the account holder.

That did not solve the issue after all.